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    RePubIT DigitalTM  for just-in-time support, mobile training and doctrine. Offline or online. 

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    RePubIT Digital TM – Publish to web, tablet, and mobile apps from a single source master.

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Welcome to RePubIT, a premier interactive eBook prototyping design studio

We and our partners share a passion to revolutionize social learning methods through highly advanced eBook innovation. Emphasizing interactive, exploratory, adaptive, and collaborative learning activities, our evolving interactive eBook architecture fully supports emerging standards as it bridges capabilities of ePub3, learning analytics, and mobility. Many exciting affordances include group and mentor live collaboration, assessment, data capture, offline activity, accessibility, device connectivity (iBeacons, sensors, Internet of things)…

We partner with publishers, corporate learning groups, and e-learning service providers as consultants, service providers, and innovation thought leaders.

We actively participate and chair key international standards and practices committees under IEEE, BISG, IDPF, and EduPub.

RePubIT supports our customers in each stage of the social learning value chain. We address all levels of corporate learning, interactive documentation, and just-in-time performance support of mobile workers and other stakeholders.

Social eLearning Value Chain of RePubIT, an interactive social eLearning prototype development studio.

This Value Chain depicts the industry resources from the strategic contributors to social eLearning success and mobile employee engagement.



RePubIt Services

  • Consulting, executive briefings, and technical workshops
  • Readiness assessments, technical architecture studies, and functional prototypes
  • Cognitive analysis, instructional design, metadata, and pedagogy
  • Full production of interactive ebooks, widgets and multimedia with social learning enhancements
  • Development and programming for interactive readers, learning record stores (xAPI), and learning management systems
  • Implementation and support of distribution portals, digital rights management, and learning analytics dashboards
  • R&D: Content automation, simulations integration, iBeacons, data sensor connectivity

What is an ebook prototyping design studio?

We produce effective learning experiences, combining creative, curricula design, production, and technology disciplines.

We connect mobile learners to social learning environments through interactive ebooks and courseware in learning portals.

We transform the passive and user-provided interaction data from each mobile learner to an analytic cloud and skill-attainment dashboard.

Summarization of data from a learning record store provides keen insights an individual's participation and achievement. Aggregate data summarizes the performance of each learning object, correlating performance to learning tools and achievements.

This figure depicts the integration of interactive content and widgets of an ePub3 document with a learning record store. Dashboard reporting summarizes individual user data with aggregate data from multiple users and cohorts.



Think of this as an “air traffic control system” that tracks the altitude, speed, heading, and destination of each mobile learner.

We work with all the technology standards committees in the field. Our combined 20 years experience in product development, change management, and executive leadership enables us to guide client investments in social learning and mobile UX design to achieve superior returns.

We serve on several standards boards and closely follow all advancements in:

  • IDPF: ePub3 & Widget,
  • W3C: HTML5, CSS3
  • IMSGlobal: EduPub, QTI

The Case for Interactive ePub3

Social eLearning can cut the time-to-achieve learning objectives by 62%, a figure derived from meta-analysis of several industry research reports. The figure below depicts the business case for social eLearning. Cycle-time gains will vary according to the organizational context, program prominence, and other cultural factors. Social eLearning incorporates five value drivers, depicted in the figure. These value drivers produce seven benefits depicted in the business case summary.

Social eLearning can provide benefits to several enterprise groups or organizations grappling with regulatory compliance and consent decrees, social eLearning can provide one of the most effective, lowest-cost solutions.

The business case for social eLearning emphasizes a 62% improvement in the time-to-achieve learning objectives in corporate environments. This highlights five value drivers: always-on learning, real-time mentoring, direct author-reader engagement, interactive validation and personalization of individual learning paths.

Social eLearning can cut the time-to-achieve learning objectives by five days when compared to traditional training methods. Social eLearning incorporates interactive ePubs, analytics of learning record stores, and content based on experiential learning theory and models.



Screencast video demonstration

Watch as we connect a rough prototype ebook with the learning analytics dashboard. This enables continuous evaluation of learner progress and measured assessment. The game-changer is social learning through real-time mentor access. Quantify learning using Bloom’s Taxonomy and inject gamification qualities with Leader Boards and Badging.

This video displays a proof-of-concept using pre-existing components and widgets.

RePubIT ePub3 Demo from John Costa on Vimeo.

Screencast demonstration of interactive ePub3 for K12 students

This presentation from mLearnCon 2014 and ADL Bootcamp 2014 demonstrates a prototype ePub3 K12 Reading Comprehension book enhanced with learning analytics and student/teacher interaction.

mLearnCon 2014 – ePub3 Experience xAPI Demo from John Costa on Vimeo.


What types of engagements do clients seek with us?

Many corporations start with an overview which can take two forms, an Executive Briefing or a deep dive Technical Workshop. Once there is a clear understanding of the requirements, RePubIT works with the internal task force to prepare a Readiness Assessment audit as a foundation for building the Social Learning ArchitecturalPrototype, an Operational Capability Design, and finally a Production Prototype of the mobile learning elements.

Executive Briefings introduce the principles of institutional knowledge preservation, employee engagement through lifelong learning, and the emergence of social learning and just-in-time training of mobile workers.

Technical Workshops drill into the technologies, standards, and infrastructure to support social learning environments, interactive ebook production, big-data analytic clouds, and skill-attainment tracking.

Readiness Assessments entail an audit of an organization’s training capabilities and infrastructure to support social learning and training of mobile workers. Readiness Assessments summarize stakeholder meetings, interviews, systems and user analysis, and suitability of mobile learning content for social learning. Readiness Assessments may include a full business case, an investment analysis that justifies a financial and resource commitment. The business case may emphasize a production prototype of an interactive ebook and next-generation learning management platform.

Operational Capability Design that specifies the systems, processes, procedures, and accountabilities for managing the production of interactive ebooks, social learning management infrastructure, and analytic data manage for worker tracking skill-attainments.

Social Learning ArchitecturePrototype a global standard for ebooks, skill-attainment tracking, and learning management systems and databases.

Production Prototypes of interactive ebooks in selected social learning management infrastructures. Production Prototypes enable the rapid validation of learning-engagement hypotheses and the subsequent discovery of scalable programs that meet business goals.