Ming Shih Academy & Baylor University

RePubIT is excited to be the digital platform behind a new interactive eTextbook for Baylor University College of Music’s pedagogy class –  MUS1117 Violin for String Majors this fall semester 2021. We delivered a pilot release of the eTextbook to students and faculty who will provide valuable feedback, shaping the final release of the text to the marketplace.  RePubIT will author an academic paper on this innovative approach to textbook publishing.

The Challenge: Renowned violin virtuoso Professor Anne Shih Meinz Academy her first textbook A Million Joyful Musicians© the Ming Shih Method© detailing her innovative teaching methodology for young violin students. Anne partnered with RePubIT to produce her book as an interactive media-rich eTextbook. Written for teachers and parents, future instructors can observe Anne, her peers, and students actively demonstrating various Ming Shih Methods through more than 250 videos and images.  

The textbook is designed for use on computers, tablets, and mobile devices. RePubIT’s fixed layout, reflowable mobile, and instant audio ebook 

Catholic Relief Services

Under the direction of Dr. Shaun Ferris (CRS Director, Agricultural Livelihoods) RePubIT has produced the first examples of a new class of T‑Pub NGO training modules for the Catholic Relief Services SMART Skills program in the form of digital edition and offline mobile applications.

The Savings and Internal Lending Communities (SILC) and the Marketing Basics titles are resources and eLearning modules that are used to certify trainers and help them deliver instruction to smallholder farmers in remote locations all around the world. Making technical information and training available and effective in remote regions lacking network infrastructure, is already being beneficial to developing countries — and to our product development at home.

Open Education

Open Textbook Europa

E. Arenas, J. Costa, P. Berking, A. Barr (2016) A technical architecture for open access education, EDULEARN16 Proceedings, pp.5900-5908

The publication came about based on RePubIT’s interactive ebook work in Learning Technology Standards under the IEEE. John Costa is chair of the Actionable Data Book IEEE Industry Connections (IC12) committee, through which RePubIT continues to collaborate with Dr. Arenas in ADB research. John has also chaired the 7919.1 eBook Readers for Education working group in the Learning Technology Standards Committee.

In collaboration with James R. Schoening (US Army Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate) and the IEEE Free Learning for Humanity (FLH) initiative, RePubIT’s solutions have been endorsed as an integral part of the FLH infrastructure build-out and Actionable Data Book prototype pilot testing. 

Smart Cities

The SMART City

The same perspective for outreach informs other activities for the public good such as our involvement with group learning research for the SMART Emergency Medical Teams initiative.

Gistics for RealWear

RealWear Industrial Head Mounted Tablet

“The End of the Beginning of the Information Revolution”

“Delivering on the Promise of Productivity from the Internet of Things”

The RealWear Head-Mounted Android Tablet (HMT-1) is undoubtedly one of the most innovative and accomplished product offerings of the year. RePubIT’s consulting partner Gistics has published an interactive Executive Primer white paper which delineates the business outlook for this emergent field of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). This forms a valuable theoretical companion to the wealth of practical information on IIoT Pioneer Projects conveyed at the RealWear Summit 2017 event.

Apply Synergies Performance Support

Five Moments of Need from ApplySynergies.com

“Most organizations are not ready for the Apply moment of need.” However, as we are hearing at HR and Talent Management conferences over and over, “Learning in the flow of work,” “at the moment of need” is the way training will be done in this highly mobilized workplace. RePubIT has worked with founder Conrad Gottfredson to develop an online, on-demand package for training corporations to deliver knowledge in the flow of work. While doing so it became obvious to the team RePubIT Digital’s content delivery platform is an ideal and very cost-effective platform on which to deliver training at the moment of need.