Ian Gibson

Ian E. Gibson PhD

Actionable Data Book Designer

Dr. Gibson was trained in Electronic Engineering, acquiring Chartered Professional status as a Senior Associate Engineer with IBM UK Laboratories Ltd. He later pursued graduate research in Mass Communications and holds Masters and Doctoral degrees in this field. He has conducted research into digital libraries and was the original advocate of xAPI instrumentation for eBooks. As an educator Dr. Gibson created and taught Undergraduate and Graduate level courses in Digital Media and Education. He has been recognized as a forward thinker and designer of integrative technology initiatives.

“My design, programming, and production experience with a variety of types of digital and analog technologies provides a useful perspective for problem solving in today’s pervasive computing environment. Training and helping people with appropriate technological initiatives is rewarding to me.

My doctoral dissertation devised a novel web usage data mining method aiding medical information system user navigation. I hold Chartered professional engineering accreditations and have experience as an e-learning creator, learning technology consultant and higher‑ed faculty member in Digital Media and Education. I have special interests in: Management Systems for training and learning; eBooks and Analytics.”

MacCall, S. L., Gibson, I. E., & McMillan, D. J. (2005, February). System, Method, and Computer Program Product for Managing Access to and Navigation through Large-Scale Information Spaces. US Patent No. 6,850,944. Washington DC: USPTO