Rest assured, your digital content is on a Platform that is in perpetual development to support the latest in content delivery technology. At its core, good technology begins with a simple but beautiful responsive edition to satisfy the ever-growing group of your readers using phones. It also includes the typical rich media elements that you and your readers expect, like engaging videos, slide shows, audio, animations, and more. However, some of the latest additions to the Platform embrace more emerging trends, like Audio Articles, Virtual Reality, and Personalized Content Channels.

Audio Narration/Automatically

While our Platform has always supported audio in numerous ways, never before has audio been put front and center in the reading interface – think “Instant Audible” for your content. With Audio Narration, your readers can open your digital edition on their phone and simply click on an article or piece of content to listen to it. To help make things easy for you, our Platform can create an instant audio file using the latest in automated content transcription services. Alternatively, you can upload your own recorded files to create a unique audio experience for your readers.

Virtual Reality

Now, any piece of content can quickly and easily become an engaging virtual reality (VR) experience for your readers. We can automatically use the assets from your PDF – images, text, and audio – and add them to a VR room to create an immersive content experience that requires little to no work on your part. Custom assets can be provided to create an even more engaging VR presentation. Either way, your readers can simply click on the VR logo in the interface, place their phone into a set of VR goggles, and enjoy the magic. VR is a great opportunity to differentiate a key piece of content or a special advertiser.

Personalized Content Channels

Readers and publishers alike are clamoring for personalized content. Using artificial intelligence, the Platform can track reading behavior and preferences to deliver a stream of suggested content for the individual reader. Your readers can find their own personalized content channel from the digital edition menu. Unread content (both new and archived) is presented in a responsive form to the reader with an indication of why the content was suggested.