We are the Content Delivery Platform of choice for publishers to create and deliver beautifully responsive mobile editions and web content to readers around the globe. In business today, it would be difficult to find a department that does not handcraft documents and information critical to daily business. Our solution can handle all types of content from brochures to job aids. On-Demand education, Master Classes, and mission-critical training are but a few use cases.

If you author information to share knowledge with your teams and your clients, you are a publisher. Create your material in any application you prefer – MS Word, Powerpoint, Keynote, Adobe, it doesn’t matter to us. Delivering content on RePubIT is as simple as dragging your PDF into the upload box, giving it a title, and clicking “Publish.” After that you may add videos, audio, image carousel, link to other documents.

Built on HTML 5 and native app technologies, our Platform helps publishers easily:

  • Deliver engaging mobile-optimized editions to readers;
  • Monetize content through subscriptions and unique ad opportunities;
  • Launch native applications for iOS or Android; and
  • Incorporate cutting-edge technology like audio articles, personalized content channels, and virtual reality experiences.

The platform is compatible with many third-party services, such as fulfillment solutions, content management systems (like WordPress and Metro Publisher), analytic services (like Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics), advanced marketing automation solutions (like Hubspot and Pardot), and advertising platforms (like Google Ad Manager).