At RePubIT, we use data, AI (artificial intelligence), and machine learning in a number of ways to improve the digital content experience for you and your readers. Here are 5 unique features made possible by this combination of technology.

Content Categorization

When content is uploaded to our system, the RePubIT Platform automatically analyzes and categorizes all of the text within books, courses, documents, or periodicals for use in different ways.

Topical Custom Publishing

Once we categorize your content, our platform then identifies what we call entities – key persons, places, and things – in your content. This information can then be used by you to create and deliver unique collections of content on certain topics (e.g., special editions or newsletters). Historically a manual process, topical publications are quickly and easily created and will automatically update as you publish new material in your primary source. In 2023, you will be able to manually add your own custom entities to articles in the RePubIT dashboard.

Personal Reader Channels

One option you can enable in your customizable PubPad menu is a personal content channel for your readers. Using artificial intelligence, the RePubIT Platform can track reading behavior and preferences to deliver a stream of suggested content for the individual reader. In this stream, unread content (both new and archived) is presented in a responsive form to the reader with an indication of why the content was suggested.

Audio Articles

With our PubPad (previously called Pro-Admin) enabled on your edition, your readers can also enjoy incredible listening experiences through RePubIT and Amazon-powered audio versions of your article content. When creating these experiences, the RePubIT Platform uses census data to compare the author’s name and determine whether the article should be read with a male or female voice.

People Also Viewed

Finally, when a reader is viewing responsive content in your edition, we are using reader engagement data to identify other content in your collection that people also viewed. Upon request, we can make this feature available for all of your articles now. This feature will also be made generally available to customers through the RePubIT dashboard later this year.

For more information on RePubIT or any of these features, schedule a call with our team using the link below or email us at [email protected].

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