We thought this would be a great way to highlight some of our updates from the first half of this year. Watch for more news and updates from RePubIT. If you have any questions or want to take advantage of these features, just reach out to our team.


Features:  In addition to weekly system improvements, check out the list of new features we’ve rolled out during the first half of 2022.

Our Larger Enhancements

  • Added custom resource paths for articles for cleaner URLs and better SEO. Defaulted share URL to clean URL.
  • Added footer content editor for adding footer navigation or custom footer content to articles, replica pages, and contents view.
  • Added new HTML5 Viewer Zoom Rendering, which allows quick initial loads of JPEG images and the subsequent load of a PDF image upon zoom for crisp clarity.
  • Added new SEO options in the article configurator for Meta Description and JSON LD.
  • Added support for <span> and <style> tags in the article configurator, for more custom formatting options.
  • Added support for a “Cards” style contents view, which shows your article preview in a newly designed larger tile with a larger image for both desktop and mobile.
  • Implemented a new share email for articles that includes the entire article content in the email.

Smaller (but still important) Improvements

  • Added support for article links for articles that exist in a different issue.
  • Added support for adding links to articles and replica pages using the hyperlink button in the article configurator.
  • Added support for Google Analytics 4.
  • Improved the way audio narration reads headings and markdown tags.
  • Added character count to article configurator.
  • Added the ability to request an HTTPS Certificate through the dashboard.
  • Added multi-factor authentication for admin/publisher accounts.

To learn more about other RePubIT features, watch our tutorial videos here.