We produce effective learning experiences, combining creative, curricula design, production, and technology disciplines.

We connect mobile learners to social learning environments through interactive ebooks and courseware in learning portals.

We transform the passive and user-provided interaction data from each mobile learner to an analytic cloud and skill-attainment dashboard.

Think of this as an “air traffic control system” that tracks the altitude, speed, heading, and destination of each mobile learner.

We work with all the technology standards committees in the field. Our combined 20 years experience in product development, change management, and executive leadership enables us to guide client investments in social learning and mobile UX design to achieve superior returns.

Technology Standards Alt Text: We serve on several standards boards and closely follow all advancements in IDPF: ePub3 & Widget, W3C: HTML5, CSS3 IMSGlobal: EduPub, QTI ADL: SCORM, xAPI…