Did you know eBooks are essentially portable websites – HTML5 packages of multi media content? They contain html pages, images, css style sheets, fonts, even audio and video. Now think about what’s inside of an ebook widget, it contains the exact same list of elements. The amazing thing is, while following W3C standards, we can nest HTML5 packages of content inside one and other. This means inside ebooks or other browser applications, like your learning management system. Since the parts are all the same, in essence, the ebook reader is itself operates like a widget.

Instructional designers for e-learning, imagine the benefits of embedding HTML5 exports from your favorite interactive authoring applications into the eBook where the most comprehensive subject detail lives. The book now becomes an interactive mobile learning tool by itself. If we then embed the enhanced ebook into our website or online courseware, it becomes an integral part of the courseware, no longer an external reading resource.

Pretty cool, huh? Check out the sample ebook prototype we designed with the ADL and IEEE below with a custom quiz by our partners at Eduworks, and National Learning Corporation on page 15

Use your right and left arrows, scroll wheel, or simply click the navigation bars on the left and right side to turn the pages. I’ve scaled the reader down to fit within my blog column. It would typically run full screen.

Love to hear your feedback and thoughts on different use cases.