A Collaborative DIY Session – Build an ePub3 in 2 hours

Tuesday June 16, 2015 6-9pm @ Full Sail University, Orlando FL

This will be the third of three sessions created to help novice and skilled print production designers alike understand ePub Digital Production process and the affordances it brings to the educational and publishing world.

To date, development of ePubs carries an aura of mystery. It immediately became a simple outsource opportunity given the availability of online service providers. With this alternative to doing it yourself, designers never had an opportunity to experiment with and truly understand what the new publishing architecture offers. The myriad of questions about authoring tools and best practices and procedures in session II provided a perfect seque into our third hands on session. New authoring platforms are beginning to emerge in support of the latest IDPF and ISO approved standard ePub3. This includes our beloved InDesign CC.

Blending what we’ve learned in sessions I and II with a common set of authoring and editing tools, we will build an ePub3 from its initial manuscript form, inserting interactive elements authored in your favorite L&D tools like Captivate and exporting fully functional Fixed Layout ePub3 ready to publish. Come to this session with laptops and design tools in hand, manuscript elements, audio/video media elements or just come prepared to watch and participate as we build and edit an ePub3 document from scratch.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015, 6:00 PM
Full Sail Auditorium, Entertainment/Music Business Center – Full Sail Bldg. 3

3300 University Blvd
Winter Park, FL

What we have learned so far…

ePub3 Revolution I – How mobile interactive ebooks will change everything!

In the session one, February 21, 2015, we explored the history and evolution of ePub from pre-tablet black and white versions through todays rich media ePub3 versions. We viewed samples of each type of ePub and discussed the attributes and detriments of each. The audience shared a keen interest in understanding the intricacies of ePub production from the publishing production standpoint. Since ePub processes within publishers developed apart from the traditional print production teams, the transfer of skills to transition into the digital publishing world has often gone unrealized. That became the premise of Session 2 – April 19, 2015.

  • ePub3 Snapshot – It’s the next-step evolution
  • The Grand Disruption – Optimize for mobile and social or become irrelevant
  • Broken Content Models – (InDesign + xAPI widgets) x social content = Shot on goal!
  • Closed Loop Content Engagement – User experience data drives continuous improvement
  • Crowd Sourced & Gamified Content – Next frontier for innovation
  • Getting Ready for ePub3 – Now boarding business class
  • Under the hood of ePub3 & xAPI LRS – Its all there

ePub3 Revolution II – The ePub3 Ecosystem Technical Workshop

In session two, we took a deeper look under the hood of the ePub3 file format. We first disassembled an ePub3 file, examining each of its components and how they work together to produce a quality reading experience. Members compared the HTML styles produced by epub conversion vendors to the Fixed Layout ePub3 export from Adobe’s latest InDesign CC release. I remain duly impressed with the visual quality and accuracy Adobe has achieved. In addition, we also examined new capabilities enabled by the ePub3 specification – Analytics and Interactivity.

  • Three elements in ePub3 ecosystem
    • ePub3
    • Reader
    • Authoring Tools
  • Production Process (Nano-tech project)
  • Networked ePub3 & xAPI LRS “Learning Record Store”
  • InDesign ePub3 Inner Workings